H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F sub4 ABYSS 100

H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F sub4 ABYSS 100

Power cable IMQ-HAR approved suitable for permanent immersione in sea water up to 100 meters depth

Update of our range of halogen-free and IMQ-HAR approved cables with the addition of new products H05BQ-F/H07BQ-F suitable for permanent immersion in sea water, fresh water and "black" water up to 100 meters depth and a maximum temperature of 50°C.


Reference standard

CEI EN 50525-2-21:2012

EN 50525-2-21:2011

Annex D and Annex E of standard EN 50525-2-21:2011 but with immersion in marine water @ 50°C and relative pressure of 10 bar


Technical characteristics

300/500 for H05BQ-F,  0.6/1 kV for H07BQ-F

5°C ÷ 90°C in air, for dynamic applications

40°C ÷ 90°C dry,@ fixed installations

5°C ÷ 50°C in sea water,  for dynamic applications


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