New Flexible Cord: SJTOW, SJTW, SJTO

New Flexible Cord: SJTOW, SJTW, SJTO

Addition of new oil and water resistant Flexible Cords for American and Canadian market: SVTO, SJTO, SJTW, SJTOW,ST, STO, STW, STOW.

Addition of new Flexible Cords ( UL categories : ZJCZ and ZJCZ7 ) for American and Canadian markets: SVTO, SJTO, SJTW, SJTOW, ST, STO, STW, STOW.

Rating: 105°C, 300 Vac or 600 Vac, VW-1/FT1

Compliance with American and Canadian standards UL 62 and C22.2 No. 49.

Suitable for outdoor uses, hard or very hard applications. Oils and water resistant.