• RoHS certification of 50 ohm Coaxial, Automotive Cables
  • REACH certification of 50 ohm Coaxial, Automotive Cables
  • CE certification of 50 ohm Coaxial, Automotive Cables

50 ohm Coaxial

Coaxial cables for high precision video digital applications, interconnection of instrumentations and color or monochrome video monitor, antenna cables for automotive applications and radio frequency transmission (RG58 coaxial cables)


  • Electrolytic bare, tinned, silver-plated copper or copperweld stranded or solid conductor.
  • Insulation with solid polyethylene (PE), foamed polyethylene (PEE), cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or PFA
  • Al/PET or Al/PET/Al tapes
  •  Electrolytic bare, tinned or silver-plated copper, spiralled or braided screen ; on triaxial construction a double copper will be applied and they could be separated by means Al/PET/Al or inner covering
  • Outer sheath with PVC, fire retardant PVC, 105°C rated PVC, FEP, cross-linked rubbers or LS0H materials comply with IEC 60332-1-2 or IEC 60332-3-24

Automotive Cables: 50 ohm Coaxial


  • Ethernet cables and industrial data cables
  • Low loss cables for radio frequency transmission (RG58, RG213 and RG 223 types)
  • Data transmission cables and computer cables (RG 174/U, RG 58/Un and RG 8/U types)
  • Instrumentation cables (RG 174, RG 178 and minicoax)
  • Rated voltage

    Rated voltage
    between 750 V of RG 178 and 3.7 kV of RG 213

  • Rated temperature

    Rated temperature
    70°C, 105°C or 200°C

  • Test voltage

    Test voltage
    between 2 kV and 10 kV

  • Minimum bending radius

    Minimum bending radius
    between 10 x D and 15 x D according to diameter

  • Short-circuit temperature

    Short-circuit temperature

  • Available types of packaging
  • Reels
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