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Sensor and LED cables

The Salcavi Industrie group produces and exports PVC cables for sensors, hybrid and screened construction, and on request also with UL and CSA approvals; cables for special applications, high temperature or outdoor use or for immersion in liquid are available. We produce also cables for interconnection of lamps and spotlights with a wide range of constructions: single-core, flat twin separable, multi-core and with heat resistant outer sheath (SI-TECHPRENE or EPR rubber).

  • Control cables LiYY - Sensor and LED cables Control cables LiYY Unshielded PVC jacketed multi-core flexible cables, conforming to requirements of VDE 0245 and 0812 standards; are available as flexible drag chain cables and cables for robotics.
  • Flat Twin for LED Technology - Sensor and LED cables Flat Twin for LED Technology PVC insulated separable figure eigth cable: type FRW-CS, FRAW-CS, URW-CS, URAW-CS, 03VH-H. On request, cURus approved Style 2468 and Style 20881 are also available.
  • FR5FOEI4 - Sensor and LED cables FR5FOEI4 Fluorinated-thermoplastic insulated cables with special EI4 rubber outer sheath that are intended for wiring and interconnection of LED spot lights and lamps, sensors. Many RAL colors are available for the outer sheath.
  • FR5FOEM7 SPECIAL WIRING CABLES - Sensor and LED cables FR5FOEM7 SPECIAL WIRING CABLES Fluorinated-thermoplastic insulated cables with special EM7 rubber outer sheath that are intended for wiring and interconnection of LED spot lights, lamps and sensors in aquariums, fountains and swimming pools. They are not suitable for drinkable water immersion.
  • Halogen-free cables A03ZZH2-F - Sensor and LED cables Halogen-free cables A03ZZH2-F Halogen-free cable with good oil resistance.
  • Lighting cables UL + CSA + CE - Sensor and LED cables Lighting cables UL + CSA + CE Transparent multicore PVC jacketed cables, with or withour screen, Style 2103 I/A CE + CSA + UL Cables
  • Shielded control cables LiYCY - Sensor and LED cables Shielded control cables LiYCY Screened PVC jacketed multi-core flexible cables (LSZH: low smoke zero halogen emission)
  • Single-Core IMQ Approved Double-insulated FEP Cables - Sensor and LED cables Single-Core IMQ Approved Double-insulated FEP Cables FEP double-insulated heat resistant cable for internal wiring of Class II electrical and lighting appliances and devices.