High temperature cables

SALCAVI INDUSTRIES catalogue include a wide range of high temp cables, single and multi-core, also screened, PVC (class C accordingly to ISO 6722), fluorinated resins (ETFE, FEP, MFA, PFA) and cross-linked rubber (SI-TECHPRENE) jacketed and insulated; they are also available with a wide range of certificates (IMQ, VDE ,UL, CSA, etc.).

Salcavi produces high temperature cables for 105 - 130 °C or 150 - 250 °C.

HIGH TEMP CABLES 105 - 130 °C:

These high temperature cables are allowed to use for internal wiring of lamps and small household appliances where a very high heat resistance, but not fire resistance, is requested.
These high temp cables are particularly suggested for some special applications in lighting and automotive industry or generally on all the road vehicles, as signal cables to distribute the very low voltage to instruments and engine, everywhere a possibility of not very frequent exposure to thermal loading could be possible (for instance for wiring in the inner side of door or inside lamp bowl).
They are particularly resistant to mineral oil, fuels and engine liquids.

HIGH TEMP CABLES 150 - 250 °C:

These high temperature cables are intended for all civil and industrial applications, where resistance to high temperature, an excellent flame grade, oil resistance also at higher temperature and, above all, smart dimensions, are quite crucial requirements. The use of screens, if required, is instrumental to extending their suitable use also in those industrial settings where a high level of EM noise could be found. The use TPU or TECHPRENE in the jacket provides greater flexibility to cables without reducing their mechanical properties, more specifically in terms of resistance to abrasion and cutting. This cable model is also compatible to installation in conduit or tubes.

High temp flexible insulated wires, suitable for internal wiring of electrical appliances, lamps and luminaries, sensors and instruments, heaters and kitchen fitments, and everywhere the temperature on conductor is not greater than the rated temperature. They are also suggested as sensor cables or instrumentation cables. They have an excellent flame grade jointed with a good chemical resistance (acids, alkalis, solvents, mineral oils, petrol, etc.). The laying in conduit or tubes is permitted. Cables for immersion in oil, gasoline and hydrocarbons.

Tri-rated wires UL, CSA and VDE approved single-core flexible cable with single or double FEP insulation.
Their use is allowed for internal and external, but fixed, wiring of electrical appliances or sensors and everywhere a good flexibility jointed with good resistance to UV, weather exposure and wide thermal changes, is required.

The excellent mechanical and chemical resistance (above all to vanishes attack) of insulation permit their use even in wiring of electrical engines (class E accordingly to CEI EN 62114). The 0.6/1 kV rated voltage cables are particularly suitable for wiring of power devices, lighting and switchboard.