• RoHS certification of Shielded control cables LiYCY, Control Cables
  • REACH certification of Shielded control cables LiYCY, Control Cables
  • cURus certification of Shielded control cables LiYCY, Control Cables
  • CE certification of Shielded control cables LiYCY, Control Cables

Shielded control cables LiYCY

Screened PVC jacketed multi-core flexible cables (LSZH: low smoke zero halogen emission)


  • Class 5 or Class 6 (LifYY) bare or tinned copper flexible  conductor, where they are applicable, conforming to IEC 60228 requirements.
  • Standard TI2 type PVC insulation conforming to EN 50363-3 requirements, or fire-retardant R2 type PVC conforming to EN 50363-0 requirements (LiYCY-A), 105°C rated PVC (LiYCY-W), solid polyethylene (Li2YCY), cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), solid polypropylene (Li9YCY), cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO) or halogen-free thermoplastic compound (LiHCH).
  • PET tape
  • Drain-wire with electrolytic tinned copper (optional)
  • Electrolytic tinned copper braided or spiraled screen with an optical coverage not lower than 75 %.
  • TNT tape (on request or with PUR or TECHPRENE outer sheath).
  • Standard TM2 type PVC outer sheath conforming to EN 50363-4-1 requirements, or fire-retardant PVC (LiYCY-A), 105°C rated PVC (LiYCY-W), cross-linked polyolefin (XLPO), halogen-free thermoplastic compound (LiHCH) or polyurethane (LiYC11Y).

Control Cables: Shielded control cables LiYCY


They are used as instrumentation cables, control cables for industrial machineries and instruments or for wiring of security systems, even if there an high level of electromagnetic noise. The halogen-free construction is stringly recommended for public areas installations whereas the fire, smoke emission and toxic fumes could be a real danger for public safety, or for high temperatures applications if they are jacketed and insulated with our TECHPRENE, a spercial cross-linked rubber. The PUR jacket permits their use in all industrial places where mechanical abuses coul occur or everywhere an high resistance to tear, abrasion, weather or oil attack is requested. They are also available with cURus apporval : Style 2464, Style 2095, Style 2103, Style 20549.


  • Rated voltage

    Rated voltage
    300/300 V, 300/500 V, 450/750 V or 0.6/1 kV

  • Test voltage

    Test voltage
    2000 V, 2500 V or 3500 V

  • Rated temperature

    Rated temperature
    70°C, 80°C, 90°C or 105°C

  • Short-circuit temperature

    Short-circuit temperature

  • Minimum bending radius

    Minimum bending radius
    12 x D

  • cURus

    UL file No. E132504

  • Available types of packaging
    (Minimum supply: 5 Km)
  • Rolls
  • Reels
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