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Multicore cables H07RN-F (cross-linked rubber cables, CPR cables class Eca) Multicore cables H07RN-F
IMQ-HAR approved multi-core flexible jacketed rubber cables, flame and oil resistant and suggested for hard uses
Customized Retractile Cords (hybrid cables) Customized Retractile Cords
Retractile cords that are intended to several applications, data or power transmission, available also with customized construction and with PUR or TPE outer sheath. They are also available in transparent PVC construction.
Flexible cables H05RN-F (cross-linked rubber cables, CPR cables class Eca) Flexible cables H05RN-F
IMQ-HAR approved multi-core flexible rubber cables, flame and oil resistant
Lighting cables UL + CSA + CE (sensor and LED cables, cable for led lighting, UL approved cables) Lighting cables UL + CSA + CE
Transparent multicore PVC jacketed cables, with or withour screen, Style 2103 I/A UL + CSA + CE
IMQ-HAR cables H05RR-F (cross-linked rubber cables) IMQ-HAR cables H05RR-F
IMQ-HAR approved multi-core flexible rubber cables,ozone resistant
Hybrid cables (customized special cables, cables for robotics & moving applications, hybrid cables) Hybrid cables
Composite hybrid cables for high precision audio-video interconnections, available as flexible drag chain cables and cables for robotics with UL & CSA approvals.
SUB4 - Drinkable cables: ACS + AD8 series (customized special cables, cable for submersed pumps, hybrid cables) SUB4 - Drinkable cables: ACS + AD8 series
Cables for immersion : PVC jacketed round and flat cables suitable for drinkable water immersion
SI-TWIN PVC/PVC Battery Cables (customized special cables) SI-TWIN PVC/PVC Battery Cables
PVC jacketed and insulated figure-eight separable battery cables perfect for car and all vehicles
New cables LS0H/LS0H IMQ-HAR H05Z1Z1-F class Dca-s2,d2,a1
The new IMQ-HAR H05Z1Z1-F cables, CPR approved accordingly to class Dca-s2,d2,a1 are available ; they are mostly suggested for permanent installation inside buildings intended for civil use.
Corporate video
New corporate video
New rubber cables H05RR-F, H05RN-F, H07RN-F and H07RN8-F
New range of rubber cables produced in compliance with EN 50525-2-21 requirements
Transparent Lighting Cables UL + CSA + CE 105°C 300 V
UL, CSA and CE transparent Style 2103 cable, screened or unscreened cables, with PVC insulated inner cores (Style 1569) or FEP insulated inner cores (Style 1332)
highlights: CPR
CPR certified cables & DoP Construction Product Regulation EU 305/2011.

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