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Balanced microphone cables

Instrumentation cables for analogue and high fidelity digital connections.


  • Highly stranded conductors with OFC bare or tin-coated copper having high electrical conductivity. On request, oxygen-free copper (OFC) solutions for low noise audio connections are also available.
  • Solid polyethylene (PE), foamed polyethylene (PEE), polypropylene (PP), or cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) with high thermal stability insulation.
  • Natural cotton filler (only for 2 or more conductors).
  • Available with aluminium tape or spiralled or braided bare or tinned copper screen.
  • Outer matt jacket in special extra-flexible PVC or special compounds type SOFTECH, TECHGUM, TECHFREE (for further details see description below).
  • Marking: can be customized, upon request, with or without logo.

Audio and Video Cables: Balanced microphone cables


Our audio and speaker outer sheaths are usually matt finished and made with high flexibility PVC. They are available also in the following versions:

  • SOFTECH, a special PVC-based compound, fire retardant as per IEC 60332-3-24 requirements, with high flexibility mechanical strength. Rated temperature: -30 ÷ 70°C.
  • TECHGUM, special fire retardant thermoplastic, as per IIEC 60332-3-24 requirements, which we have developed to guarantee high flexibility even at low temperature and to make it resistant to surface abrasion. Rated temperature: -40 ÷ 70°C.
  • TECHFREE, halogen-free polyolefin, fire retardant as per IIEC 60332-1-2 requirements, which is suitable for all applications requiring no toxicity of fumes and gases during burning or fire (all public areas). At the current state, the choice of this material reduces final cable flexibility. Rated temperature: -20 ÷ 70°C.
  • Rated voltage

    Rated voltage
    300 V

  • Test voltage

    Test voltage
    2000 V

  • Rated temperature

    Rated temperature
    70°C, 90°C or 105°C

  • Short-circuit temperature

    Short-circuit temperature

  • Minimum bending radius

    Minimum bending radius
    10 x D

  • Available types of packaging
    (Minimum supply: 5 Km)
  • Rolls
  • Reels
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