• RoHS certification of sub4 - Pumps, Cables for Special Applications
  • REACH certification of sub4 - Pumps, Cables for Special Applications
  • CE certification of sub4 - Pumps, Cables for Special Applications

sub4 - Pumps

Cables for immersion: PVC jacketed round and flat submersed pump cable suitable for submerged pump wiring.


  • Class 5 flexible stranded conductor in electrolytic bare or tin-plated copper conforming to IEC 60228 standard
  • Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) complies with standard IEC 60502, type GP8 accordingly to standard BS 7655 and type 2XI1 accordingly to standard VDE 076. 
  • Outer sheath with special cross-linked rubber, type G8, resistant to permanent immersion in water without any significative change on insulation resistance.
  • Marking : SALCAVI TECHNIC SPA ITALY  -  sub4 - PUMPS 450/750V  SiZE CONDUCTOR - CE -  WW/YY

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Cables for Special Applications: sub4 - Pumps


These cables are intended for interconnection of engine of permanently submerged pumps in water, both direct and alternate current, between -20°C and 70 °C. They are particularly recommended for the connection of pumps either for depuration and chlorination system or in water collection systems of civil and industrial plants.

  • Rated voltage

    Rated voltage
    450/750 V

  • Test voltage

    Test voltage
    2500 V

  • Rated temperature

    Rated temperature

  • Short-circuit temperature

    Short-circuit temperature

  • Minimum bending radius

    Minimum bending radius
    10 x D

  • Available types of packaging
    (Minimum supply: 5 Km)
  • Rolls
  • Reels
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