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Hybrid cables

Composite hybrid cables for high precision audio-video interconnections, available as flexible drag chain cables and cables for robotics with UL & CSA approvals.


  • Electrolytic bare, tinned, silver-plated copper or copperweld, stranded or solid conductor.
  • Insulation with solid polyethylene (PE), foamed polyethylene (PEE), cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) or PFA
  • Al/PET or Al/PET/Al tapes
  • Electrolytic bare, tinned or silver-plated copper, spiralled or braided screen ; on triaxial construction a double copper will be applied and they could be separated by means Al/PET/Al or inner covering
  • Outer sheath with PVC, fire retardant PVC, 105°C rated PVC, FEP, cross-linked rubbers or LS0H materials comply with IEC 60332-1-2 or IEC 60332-3-24

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Control Cables: Hybrid cables


  • Special audio cables (RG 59/U type)
  • Instrumentation cables
  • Analog video cables used in "large-band" non-critical applications, such as, video equipment rack wiring (CATV), closed circuit TV (CCTV), master antenna TV (MATV) and color or monochrome video monitor ( RG 59/U, RG 11/U, RG 216/U types )
  • High precision video digital cables recommended for high frequencies transmissions (up to 3 GHz)
  • hybrid cables for interconnection of video-camera to related imaging equipments (TRIAXIAL)
  • DMX cables for audio applications
  • Available types of packaging
    (Minimum supply: 5 Km)
  • Rolls
  • Reels
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