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Double PVC Insulated Single-Core Cables

Single core cables, double insulated wires for Class 2 equipments.

Double PVC Insulated Single-Core Cables
  • Rated voltage

    Rated voltage
    300/500 V or 450/750 V

  • Test voltage

    Test voltage
    2000 V or 2500 V

  • Rated temperature

    Rated temperature
    70°C, 90°C or 105°C

  • Short-circuit temperature

    Short-circuit temperature

  • Minimum bending radius

    Minimum bending radius
    8 x D

  • RoHS Double PVC Insulated Single-Core Cables
  • REACH Double PVC Insulated Single-Core Cables
  • CPR class Eca Double PVC Insulated Single-Core Cables
  • CE Double PVC Insulated Single-Core Cables



  • Electrolytic plain or tinned copper, Class 1 solid conductor (for URR UR7R7 and UR105R105 wires) or Class 5 stranded conductor (for FRR, FR7R7 and FR105R105 wires) conforming to IEC 60228 requirements.
  • The insulation and outer covering are manufactured with TI1 type PVC for FRR and URR cables TI3 type PVC for FR7R7 and UR7R7 cables, conforming to EN 50363-3 requirements and 105°C rated PVC for FR105R105 and UR105R105 cables ; the outer covering usually is transparent with 0.3 mm radial thickness but on customer’s request it could be increased and also coloured.




These single core cables are suggested for internal wiring of electrical and electronic class 2 equipments or devices without grounding conductor ; they are widely used in lighting field.


  • Available types of
  • Barrel
  • Reels
Sectors of application of: Double PVC Insulated Single-Core Cables
  • titolo Lighting Single and multi-core cables for lighting as wiring of incandescent lamps, led lamps, and spotlights, textile braided FRRTX cables, transparent power supply cords, and FEP insulated cables for high temperature interconnections. Chose Salcavi, the best Italian manufacturer of lighting wiring cables!

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